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About the brand

About the brand

Rue des Tilleuls is a Moroccan clothing brand created by Kenza Wahabi, that aims to reveal the one who’ll wear our creations through elegant and genuine pieces.

At Rue des Tilleuls, we are seeking to use the ancestral Moroccan know-how at the heart of our creative approach, in order to obtain timeless pieces. For us, handmade’s authenticity undeniably makes the difference in terms of the final result.

On the other hand, our current unique pieces are made either with remaining coupons from the famous fashion houses or made with local natural wool woven by hand by the craftswomen of Morocco.


Everything begins in the house of my grandparents, located in Rue des Tilleuls in Casablanca, where my passion for Orientalism was born.

The major figures of my inspiration are:

  • My grandmother - a woman who always stood out through her beauty, her joie de vivre, and her elegance. Any opportunity was good to present herself in her best light! She's the colorful side of the brand.
  • My grandfather - a solar person who was more attracted to rustic materials and natural colors. His outfits were always shining through his charisma.

Rue des Tilleuls is a tribute to the values that this house transmitted to me since childhood: love, authenticity, and life celebration. It is with my eyes always open to everything that connects me to this universe, and through my travels that amplified my passion for clothes and objects that transcend time, that I decided to create the brand in 2018.